Shalya Tantra
Shalya Tantra

Shalya Chikitsa is the branch of Ayurveda medicine that uses surgical techniques and traces its origin to the one of the first and most established treatise on Ayurveda, Susrata Samhita. Treatment includes ancient surgical procedures and clinical applications of various treatment modalities, successful treatment for Piles and Fistula as per Ayurvedic methodology, treatment of chronic diseases with blood-letting through Leeches and practical training of surgical procedures on patients at well-equipped operation theatre and procedure room.

At Naiminath Ayurvedic Hospital, surgical conditions comprehensively managed by Ayurvedic Special techniques are –

  • Long-standing non-healing wounds are best treated by herbal preparations like kashaya (decoction), kalka (herbal paste), etc.
  • Fistula in ano cases are managed effectively by the technique called cryptoglandular surgery.
  • Stones in the urinary tract are best managed by Ayurvedic formulations like Paniya Kshar (herbomineral preparations).
  • There are special Ayurvedic techniques to minimize post-operative scars.
  • Kshara Karma, which is unique of its type, treats many surgical ailments like Corns, Warts, Piles, Keloids, etc.
  • Leech therapy is effectively used to treat non-healing wounds like venous ulcer, arterial ulcer, and post of wounds, etc.
  • Agnikarma gives the best results in calcaneal spur, etc.
  • Ksharasutra is one of the revolutionary treatment techniques that deal with Piles, complex Fistula in Ano successfully.

About Naiminath Ayurveda

To provide world class education and treatment, this 100 bedded state of art Ayurvedic Hospital is functional since 2016 where more than 200 patients visit the Outdoor Department every day and around 40 patients are present in the Indoor Department.

Naiminath Ayurveda
N.H. 19, Nawalpur, Kuberpur, Behind Maruti TrueValue Showroom, Etmadpur, Agra – 283202, Uttar Pradesh, India.
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